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Tokyo: As Japan’s capital and the worlds’s most populous metropolis, Tokyo offers tradition and innovation, and unlimited opportunities to eat, shop and explore. Tokyo is located on Tokyo Bay in the Kanto region of Honshu, Japan’s largest island. The closest airport is Haneda officially knows as Tokyo International Airport. Tokyo is know for its fashion and shopping, from the trendy shopping districts to Harajuku and Shibuya, to the luxury flagships of Ginza. Shinjuku is the thriving business district; a mix of gleaming skyscrapers and atmospheric back streets with tine bars. Asakusa is the heart of Tokyo’s downtown, with ancient temples and traditional stores. Tokyo is a foodie paradise with more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world, along with hundreds of cheap delicious ramen shops. 

Tokyo has mild spring weather, followed by hot and humid summers punctuated with typhoons. Autumn in Tokyo is cool and fresh, followed by cold, dry winters. Snow is rare but has been known to fall in the first few months of the year. The one week forecast fo Tokyo is an accurate guide to the weather for the coming week.
Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) of Japan: The Sakura of Japan are well known around the world for their radiant, delicate and transient beauty, but they are more than simply beautiful cherry blossom trees. Sakura are tied to Japan’s history, culture and identity. Originally used to divine the year’s harvest, Sakura came to embody Wabi-sabi philosophy and shinto ideals of impermanent, hope and renewal. Each year, the Japanese people gather together to watch the Sakura bloom throughout April and observe how at the peak of their beauty, the blossoms start to fall; providing a stark reminder that although life is beautiful, it is also ephemeral and short. 
Autumn in Japan: Crimson leaves and perfect weather make autumn a prime time for travel. Autumn in Japan is about crimson leaves and perfect weather. As summer transitions to autumn, Japan begins to cool down, offering temperate weather that’s perfect for outdoor walks. From mid-November to early December, the trees turn vivid hues of red, orange, and yellow. It’s this combination of cool weather and striking sights that make fall one of the most popular seasons for travelling to Japan. Most of Honshu and Kyushu rest around a pleasant 16 degrees Celsius in October and November. If in Tokyo, be sure to head to the Rikugien Garden, a traditional Japanese garden with striking autumn views. Consider taking an overnight trip to Lake Kawaguchi at the base of Mt. Fuji. From here you can enjoy views of Mt. Fuji reflected in the serene lake waters, with crimson trees dotting the banks and surrounding mountainsides. With an abundance of internationally renowned temples and shrines, Kyoto is a perfect destination fro autumn leaf viewing. Numerous gardens and temples, such as Kiyomizudera Temple, offer what are arguably the most spectacular views of the season. 
Japanese Cuisine: So revered is Japan’s cuisine that you can find it almost anywhere in the world, whether it’s your local sushi train or a bar that’s serving sake. Despite this, absolutely nothing compares to the quality and variety of cuisine you can enjoy when in Japan. From the traditional dishes of Kaiseki cuisine, sashimi, sushi and more that were developed from thousands of years of isolation, to truly unique regional specialties, all of which are accompanied by distinctive and iconic Japanese drinks; Japan provides a smorgasbord of options for food lovers to discover. 
Japanese Culture: Japan is renowned worldwide as a nation steeped in a culture that combines both tradition and modernity. Thousands of years as an isolated island country allowed Japan to undergo various cultural evolutions in solitude, creating a truly unique traditional culture. As connections with other countries grew, Japanese tradition was influence and altered to creat the unique culture of modern Japan, evident in this combination of traditional concepts with the latest technology and art that astound the rest of the world.
Japanese Art: The art of Japan, whether forged in the traditional methods developed over thousands of years in isolation or crafted meticulously for emerging contemporary mediums, its renowned, appreciated and on display right around the world. From Hokusai’s iconic ukiyo-e woodblock print “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” to the majestic, award winning, string anime of Hayao Miyazaki, you’ll find that Japanese art provokes great emotional responses and gives an insight into the meticulousness of Japanese artistry. Seeing some of the amazing museums and galleries in Japan is essential for any traveller on a journey of endless discovery. 
Luxury: Luxury comes easily to Japan. Attention to detail and an innate ability to anticipate the needs of others make exceptional experiences an everyday occurrence. Otherworldly landscapes and cosmopolitan cities provide the perfect backdrop to a culture where tradition is revered and aesthetics are deeply appreciated. 
Shopping in Japan: One of the highlights of travelling to Japan is taking the time to stroll hidden alleyways and browse glistening malls on a shopping adventure. From meticulously crafted designer fashion both local and international, to high tech gadgetry and quirky gift items; there is always something that catches your eye when shopping in Japan.

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